Are all metal plate work-piece suitable for leveling process

As we all know, it has to do leveling process for PRECIOUS metal work-piece after stamping or laser cutting etc. As it had broken balance of tension and compression in work-pieces after stamping, laser cutting etc. process, it will get out of shape to be uneven, it will surely influence the following process of bending, welding etc. process if don’t do work-piece leveling process, causing big error range of metal parts. So are all metal work-piece suitable for leveling process?

On the basis of our experience from practice, it won’t influence work-pieces yield strength and dimension for carton steel type material after leveled. For stainless steel, it will get more harder after leveling process. For non-ferrous metal, such as Aluminum, magnesium work-pieces, it may cause wearing out or reduce material’s yield strength after leveling process.

So if material’s fracture strain is more than 5% and have enough yield strength capacity, they are suitable for leveling process. For rest metal work-piece, it can have a test to determine if they are suitable for leveling process.

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