0.1-1.0mm thickness JZ12-S series metal plate leveling machine

This is semi-automatic & economic type 4-high roller leveling machine, roller gap adjusted by manual in the guidance of digital display, so operator can crank the two hand wheels to adjust leveler’s straightening performance. It equip with smaller diameter(φ12mm) leveling rollers, so it’s more suitable for thin material.

Material can be processed:
All kind of Steel, Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, mesh sheet, laser cut plate, alloy plate and other metal plate products.

Use area:  
Mainly thin stamping parts, sheet metal parts, electrical appliances parts fabrication etc.
It equip with a large number of leveling rollers arranged in multi-layers and a very small spacing between each other, then based on "Bauschinger effect", sheet metal was repeatedly twisted to make metal fiber gradually consistent, eliminate internal stress, restore and improve the flatness. The stagger arranged support rollers ensure leveling rollers bearing heavy pressure in balance without bending deformation, keeping the whole equipment have enough rigidity. Upper and lower support roller column & upper and lower leveling roller group making up four-high layers structure, ensuring stable, efficient and high-quality leveling performance.

Machine main feature
It's four-high roller level precious leveling machine, there are both support assistant roller set upper and lower leveling roller set. All rollers were well processed to ensure leveling accuracy.

All leveling rollers adopt high quality bearing steel, finished quenching and tempering, precious machining, hard chrome plating, grinding etc. Surface hardness comes 58±2°(chrome layer thickness ≥0.05mm)

All backup roller(support roller) adopt Japan export roller bearings. There are 2 columns or more columns backup rollers uniformly distributed upper and lower leveling roller sets, making leveling rollers bears pressure in balance.

All gears adopt material of 20CrMnTi, finished forging, tempering, surface carburization, precious grinding etc. coming to grade IT6.

Main bearings are Shielded and sealed NSK bearing made in JAPAN, it can well reserve itself stocked lubrication oil and prevent dust enters, so it doesn’t need to add lubrication oil on bearings.

Roller gap adjusted by manual in the guidance of digital display, so operator can crank the two hand wheels to adjust leveler’s straightening performance.

High precision and perfect working performance

Additional Information

JZ12-S series MANUAL precious roller leveler
MODEL JZ12-200S JZ12-300S
Material Max. width 200mm 300mm
Leveling roller diameter 12mm
Max. thickness 1.0mm
Leveling capacity 0.1-1.0mm
Leveling roller quantity 21pcs(Upper 10pcs/Lower 11pcs)
Min. work-piece size 10 x 30mm
Backup roller column Both one column upper and lower leveling roller set
Leveling roller gap adjust method Four points manual adjust
Leveling speed 0-12m/min
Voltage AC 3 Phase 380V 50HZ(Or local voltage)

JZ12-200S, "12" means leveling roller diameter is φ12mm, "200" means suitable for material Max. width of 200mm, "S" means roller gap adjusted by manual.    

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