Why is May roller leveler necessary?
Roller leveler is a forming process used to remove the residual stresses and imperfections of metal strips by means of plastic deformations. During the process the metal fibres are subjected to cyclic tension-compression deformations leading to achieve flat product.
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  • For big order and complex equipment, we will arrange our engineers come to your factory to do commission of the equipment, or we can ask our agent staff to install the equipment for you, but it has to charge some commission fees.
  • For small and standard machine, it's easy to install and debug, we can guide you how to do via operation manual, online support, videos etc.

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  • For standard machines, it has been manufactured for years, there are spare parts in stock, it can be assembled immediately, machine quality is stable.
  • For customized machines, it will be well designed on the basis of client's requirement and actual use. All steel part will be well machining and check precision after finishing machining. After machine finished assembly, machine will be well tested.

Yes, we have set some agents in India, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil etc. If you want to be our agent in your country, please contact us to discuss details.

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