How to install and operate the metal plate leveling machine

Its a necessary equipment of metal plate leveling machine in metal part processing area, especially for laser cutting plates, perforated metal sheet/mesh etc. How to install and operate the metal plate leveling machine, please? This article is a brief introduction how to install and operate Huizhou JIUZHONG brand metal plate leveling machines.
  1. Requirement on equipment’s installation.
1.1 Requirement on foundation of workshop.
It requires strong and flat ground to place the equipment, such as concrete ground etc., enough space for input and output work-pieces, operate the machine etc. (refer to the following image).

1.2 Requirements on AC power.
  1. AC 3 phase 380V+N+PE,50HZ (Or 3 phase AC local voltage).
  2. It’s better to add one set RCD (electric leakage protector) and don’t share it with any other equipment.
  3. Well connect ground wire to ground.
  1. Safety specifications.
2.1 Normal safety rules.
  1. If it encounters failure of the equipment, please contact our aftersales team. For export machines, please contact our international sales firstly, will give customer the solution after knowing about machine’s actual problems by our engineers.
  2. It should press the RED emergency button if it occurs accident, after it was cleared the failure, it can re-start the equipment. If can’t solve the problem, please contact our after-sales team.
  1. Please read this manual carefully before install and start operating the equipment, taking care the warning parts, get familiar the equipment step by step, operate the equipment as safety rules.
  2. Forbidden install the equipment in the surroundings with much of dust, sawdust, mashgas etc.
  3. Keep clean of inlet and outlet’s work area, avoiding placing any interfered objects.
2.2 Safety warning parts
Please take care of potential dangerous parts and with safety warning areas.

  1. Brief introduction on operations.
3.1 Usage scope.
It can be used to process metal plates within machine’s leveling capacity, forbid to flat metal plates over this equipment’s capacity which may cause machine’s damage or occur safety accidents.
3.2 Operation guidance.
HMI main page.
It has to set data in the page such as “set value” at Entrance and EXIT part.
For example: If the workpiece is 2mm thickness, we can have a try to set as follows:
“Entrance” part: “left” part’s set value: 0.8
“Entrance” part: “right” part’s set value: 0.8
“Exit” part: “left” part’s set value: 1.95
“Exit” part: “right” part’s set value: 1.95
Remarks: Entrance’s set data should be less than material’s actual thickness, so as to it can achieve leveling aim of the workpiece. Exit’s set data should be close (a little less) to material’s actual thickness.

Work: Click “work”, electric gap adjust device will runs to adjust leveler gap and come to set data
Stop: Click “stop”, electric gap adjust device will stop to adjust leveler gap.
Forward: Leveling roller runs forward.
Jog: Click “Jog”, leveling rollers will runs in inch.
Start up: Main motor start.
Stop: main motor stop to run.
Link: Only used in Manual model to test machine.
Material code: used to name the present product in number. It can set Max. of 20 group material code.
Save: used to save present set data in the HMI’s page.
Read: It can call back all set data by put in set “material code”.
Material Formula main page as follows:

After correctly set data in HMI, then put the work-piece into entrance, keeping curved face down, next, put work-piece into leveler’s entrance, next check the leveling accuracy via flatness examine platform after the work-piece come out from leveler’s exit.

        NG. Material curved down, leveling press is weak.

        OK. It is OK of this condition.

        NG. Material curved up, leveling press is too heavy
  1. Maintenance and failure solution.
4.1 Maintenance items
  1. Please turn off power before doing maintenance.
  2. Keep clean of the equipment, clean the machine by soft clean cloth. Forbidden to place other un-necessary objects on the machine or near to the equipment, it may cause un-convenient to do maintenance for the equipment.
  3. Press emergency button to stop equipment in case it occurs accident, then check it by experienced maintenance worker.
  4. It should check and grease every 6 months on gears in the gear box, transmission shafts, universal joints etc. as follows:
  1. It may get loose of the screws in the equipment because of the vibration during machine running some days, so it has to examine it and fix them.

4.2 Normal failure and solution.
1. Failure of inverterIt alarms out of inverter, check and examine failure part based on alarm information in the screen of inverter.
2. Alarm at leveling roller gap adjusting part: Alarm output in leveling roller gap adjusting servo driver. Check and examine failure part based on alarm information in the screen of inverter.
3. No power of the whole machine and HMI, please check if it has pressed in of Emergency stop button.

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