precautions for straightening machine | perforated metal leveller

The straightening machine is to achieve the purpose of straightening through the extrusion of the straightening roller to change the straightness, and the processing objects such as metal profiles, bars, pipes, bolts, steel bars, shafts and other parts. | perforated metal leveller
Precautions for straightening machine:
⒈ Carefully observe the straightness of the steel pipe, ensure that the steel pipe is in contact with three-quarters of the straightening roller body during initial adjustment, and ensure that the gap is not greater than 0.1mm.
⒉ The straightening speed should be adjusted reasonably according to the bending degree of the steel pipe and the material of the steel pipe being straightened.
3. Adjust the distance between the upper and lower rollers according to the material, curvature and required precision of the steel pipe to ensure the straightening reduction.
⒋ During the straightening process, it is strictly forbidden to touch the straightening roller and the steel pipe in motion, and pay attention to the surface quality of the steel pipe to prevent scratches and indentations on the surface of the steel pipe.

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