Safety precautions for steel plate leveling machine

For the steel plate leveling machine, it is a very troublesome thing if there are vibration marks and air bubbles. There are many reasons for vibration marks, such as inaccurate zero calibration, inappropriate depth of straightening rollers, and equipment inclination. It may be that the depth of the finishing rollers is not correct.

Therefore, if this occurs, it is necessary to continuously reduce the residual stress on the strip to restore the shape to its normal state. If there are bubbles, it may be the reason for the deoxidation of the steel plate leveling machine. When we choose steel plate leveling machine, we should look for excellent products, because the quality of steel plate leveling machine will affect the subsequent performance.

In the process of daily use, steel plate leveling machine is prone to these failures. If you find a fault and know the reason, but don't know how to solve it, you can ask professional maintenance personnel to repair it, or you can ask some masters, I believe the problem will be solved soon.

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