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The hot-straightening process system of the steel plate is mainly based on the steel grade, specification, performance and the flatness requirements of the steel plate to determine the straightening process parameters.
(1) Straightening temperature. Under normal circumstances, the straightening temperature of the steel plate is between 600 and 750℃. If the straightening temperature is too high, the steel plate will produce waves or buckling when the roller table and cooling bed are staying; if the straightening temperature is too low, the plasticity of the steel plate will be greatly reduced. The straightening force rises significantly, the straightening effect is not good, and even the phenomenon of inability to straighten occurs, and the residual stress of the straightened steel plate is caused, which affects the bending of the steel plate.
(2) Straightening pass. The straightening pass depends on the straightening effect of each pass of the steel plate, and it is closely related to the straightening temperature of the steel plate. During straightening, the straightening pass can be controlled according to the straightening effect of the steel plate and the rolling cycle. Generally, one-pass or three-pass straightening is adopted.
(3) Straightening reduction. The amount of straightening reduction is also the amount of over-straightening, and its magnitude directly affects the curvature value of the straightening and bending deformation of the steel plate. If the straightening amount is too small, the curvature value cannot meet the deformation requirements. Even if the straightening pass is increased, the steel plate cannot be straightened; if the reduction amount is too large, the straightening pass can be reduced and the straightening effect can be improved, but the straightening force will be large. The increase in the amplitude will easily lead to the accelerated wear of the straightening roller or the occurrence of roll gnawing and sticking accidents at the end of the steel plate.

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