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4-high roller leveling machine suppliers

The leveling machine equipment is mainly composed of the following parts

1. Rack section

The frame is the main body of the machine, which is composed of a base, a column, and a connecting beam, and is connected by 4 tension bolts to form a closed pre-stressed frame structure. The frame is a welded structure and is annealed after welding to eliminate internal stress. The frame has sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure a small elastic deflection under heavy load and meet the needs of plate correction.

2. Roller part

The roller part is the working part of the machine, including work rolls and support rolls. In order to meet the rigidity requirements of the work rolls, 3 rows of upper and lower support rolls are specially set up.
The upper and lower support rollers are equipped with an inclined iron adjustment mechanism, which can be manually adjusted to their upper and lower positions to ensure good contact with the work roller.
The upper and lower support rollers are in a whole row, and the support roller base is split, with reasonable structure. The upper support roller can also be drawn out separately along the machine longitudinal direction, which can be quickly replaced, which greatly reduces the on-line maintenance time.

3. Movable beam

The movable beam is a single-piece closed welding structure, which is annealed as a whole after welding to eliminate internal stress. It has sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure the flattening accuracy of the plate and reduce the number of flattening. Utilizing the guide surfaces on both sides of the sliding block, the movable beam can move up and down and corners, and the movable parts such as the movable beam can be drawn out from the frame of the frame laterally, which is easy to maintain and repair. The movable beam is equipped with 4 sets of hydraulic piston cylinders as the side roller lifting device, and the heavy-duty hydraulic pressure generated can be pressed down under static load or side-leveled, which has the hardware conditions of a powerful leveling machine. The hydraulic piston cylinder maintains the balance of the movable beam, and has enough power to eliminate the gap between the movable beam and the screw nut, which greatly increases the opening of the work roll and maintains a stable state, which is conducive to the feeding and correcting of the original unevenness of the sheet flat.

4. Press down the corner mechanism

The depressing mechanism and the corner mechanism are combined. The depressing corner mechanism is installed on the upper part of the frame and the connecting beam. It adopts group technology and uses two sets of the same moving system, driven by two brake motors, two The reducer drives 4 worm pairs and 4 screw pairs, so that the movable beam can be accurately positioned automatically and swayed quickly. Start 2 sets or 1 set of power systems to realize the parallel lifting or tilting of the movable beam and the upper work roll, which can level plates of different thicknesses and materials, and meet the requirements of good flatness. The upper end of the movable beam is equipped with a balancing device to eliminate the screw gap and ensure the leveling quality. Start the two press-down motors, and drive the screw rod to move up and down through the reducer, gear coupling, transmission shaft, and worm gear reducer to realize the parallel lifting of the movable beam mechanism. Start a single pressing motor to realize the swing of the movable crossbeam mechanism, which can make the movable crossbeam accurately positioned, which is more conducive to the leveling of the plate.

5. Main drive system

All working rollers in the upper and lower rows and the upper rollers on both sides are equivalent active rollers. The main drive system consists of 9 AC variable frequency motors through a coupling-reducer-universal coupling-work roll device to make the equipment rotate. Two sets of reducers are distributed on both sides of the machine. One four-in and four-out drives all the lower straightening rolls, and the other five-in and five-out drives all the upper straightening rolls. This is the "equivalent full-split main drive" technology.

6. Dry oil centralized lubrication system

The lubrication system includes three parts: thin oil splash lubrication in the oil pool, concentrated dry oil lubrication, and manual regular lubrication. Except that the reducer adopts thin oil splash lubrication from the oil pool, and the guide surface and movable pin adopt manual regular dry oil lubrication, all the lubrication points of this machine mainly adopt the centralized dry oil lubrication of the electric double-line oil feeder. Each lubrication point, such as the bearing, worm gear box, screw, and guide surface, is supplied separately through the electric double-line oil feeder and the dry oil pipeline. When the oil path is blocked or the lubrication system is blocked, a corresponding signal is displayed.

7. Electrical control system

The electrical control system adopts 380V, 50Hz AC power supply, the main circuit adopts contactor control, and the control circuit adopts relay control.

8. In and out roller table

The feeding and discharging roller table device is equipped with a power drive device, and the movement speed matches the movement speed of the main machine, and the operation is reliable, and the support is strong and durable.

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