How roller leveling machine works

The size and direction of the original bending curvature of the metal are different. The roller leveling machine makes the metal repeatedly bend for many times to eliminate the unevenness of the curvature, so that the curvature changes from large to small and makes it straight.
In the roller leveling machine, according to the difference in the amount of deformation (reduction) of the metal produced by each roller, there are two proposed correction schemes: a small deformation correction scheme and a large deformation correction scheme.
Small deformation correction scheme: The so-called small deformation correction scheme assumes that each roll of the upper row of work rolls of the leveler can be adjusted individually, and the adjustment principle of the reduction of each roll is: the metal entering the roll is reversed and bent. After rebounding, its original curvature should be completely eliminated, i.e. the part should be straightened.
Large deformation correction scheme: Due to the change of the original curvature of the straightened metal and the difficulty of accurately determining it, a large deformation correction scheme is often used in production.

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