Working principle of leveling machine | metal plate leveling machine

The leveling machine is also known as the leveling machine and the leveling machine. The leveling machine adopts the rolling method of leveling rollers arranged in dislocation to realize the high-precision leveling of the sheet and the removal of internal stress. It is a processing equipment that is easy to operate and can be quickly mastered by anyone. | metal plate leveling machine
The leveling machine is staggered up and down from the feeding port to the discharging port, and each group of leveling drums is arranged. At the same time, one of the two opposite leveling drums is always pressed down. When the material to be leveled enters the leveling machine from the feeding port, the staggered rotating upper and lower leveling rollers are bent forward and reverse multiple times to make the original curvature of the leveled sheet. The unevenness and the degree of alternating bending are gradually reduced, so as to obtain reliable leveling, and at the same time, the internal stress of the material is fundamentally eliminated, which is the working principle of the leveling machine.

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