Cause analysis of several common failures of steel plate leveling machine

It is common for steel plate leveling machine equipment to fail. As long as the cause is found and solved in time, it will not have a big impact. In view of this, we must have an understanding of the causes of common machine failures so that we can deal with them calmly. So today, let's talk about the problems related to the leveling machine.

For a leveler, vibration marks and bubbles are a headache. Among them, there are many reasons for the occurrence of vibration marks, such as inaccurate calibration of the zero position, inappropriate depth of the straightening roller, and tilting of the equipment. The most likely one is the wrong depth of the fine straightening roller. For this reason, the continuous residual stress on the strip steel is used to reduce, so that the plate shape is restored to normal.

If there are bubbles, it may be due to the deoxidation of the leveler, such as the overheating of molten steel, and the bubbles will appear only when it comes into contact with water in the air during the two oxidation processes. Therefore, the steel should be controlled when it is dissolved, so as to prevent the generation of bubbles. So when we choose a leveler, we must look for high-quality products, so as not to affect the subsequent use performance

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