What factors will affect the work efficiency of the steel plate leveling machine?

Some factors will affect the work efficiency of the steel plate leveling machine, let's analyze it below, and then avoid it.

1 Check whether the machine is normal

Check the connection and tightening of the parts of the steel plate leveling machine, whether the connecting bolts are loose or broken, and tighten or replace if necessary. Check whether there is any leakage, and eliminate the leakage in all parts in time. Pay attention to the quantity of engine oil, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic oil, and add new oil to the level indicated on the oil mark as required. Whether the amount of grease in the centralized lubrication device is appropriate.

2 can't overwork

Be careful not to work under the maximum load that the machine can withstand, and use the machine within your ability. As the manager of the metal plate leveling machine, when appointing the operator, you should hand over the metal plate leveling machine's random information and operation manual to the operator so that they can master the mechanical properties and operating procedures normally, and should not arbitrarily Relevant information is deducted.

3 Operate the machinery correctly

It is necessary to ensure the uniform increase and decrease of the mechanical load as much as possible, so that the machine is in a relatively smooth load change. Specifically, it is to increase and decrease the throttle more evenly to prevent the engine and the working device from going up and down.


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