Common causes of damage to perforated metal levelers

If many machines have damage, there is both normal and abnormal damage, and our perforated metal leveler is no exception. Needless to say about normal damage, if it is used for a long time, there will be problems such as aging and wear, so we mainly talk about why the perforated metal leveler is abnormally damaged.

When we are in production or repair, his quality is not up to the appropriate standards, nor is the smoothness and precision of his designs. The corresponding physical and mechanical properties and heat treatment in the material do not meet the requirements. When it does not meet the requirements of good cooperation, its concentricity is not suitable. These factors will cause abnormal damage to the metal straightener.

If we do not handle it properly during transportation and disassembly, it will deform the part and damage the surface. If severe, there is a risk of rupture. Cracks can also appear on the cylinder head, cylinder and crankshaft. damage. There is also some damage to parts and assemblies if we don't take care of them properly. For example, if the crankshafts are placed horizontally or pushed against each other, it will bend the crankshafts. If electrical equipment is wet, its insulation will suffer and it will burn out easily.

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