circle saw leveling machine | advantages of leveling machine

The leveling machine refers to the extrusion of a certain thickness of strip or plate through the action of the upper and lower rollers on the uneven metal plate, so as to achieve the effect of leveling.

Generally, the leveling machine is mainly arranged in the above four down five or up three down four. And are equipped with transfer rollers in the front and rear. There is a handle on the upper part for precise adjustment of the leveling thickness accuracy.

A leveler is a machine and equipment used to level the surface of an object. The leveling machine is usually used to level the surface of metal slabs or cement pavement.

The advantages of the leveler:

1. The precision leveling machine is suitable for various sheet materials with high leveling precision.

2. The leveling machine is a powerful new equipment used for high-speed punching work, which can improve the quality and quantity of punching products.

3. The transmission device and the frequency converter can be synchronized with the speed of the punching machine, and the material can be fed in a balanced manner.

4. If the coil material is not leveled to eliminate the internal stress, it is impossible to produce a good punching piece. Only by leveling the coil material and eliminating the internal stress can this be achieved. After being leveled by this machine, the material can be corrected to be bent down or flat.

6. The frequency converter is adjusted to run smoothly, and special models can be produced according to customer requirements.

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