Do you know what steel parts leveler is?

Steel parts leveler is an equipment for straightening metal profiles, bars, pipes, wires, etc. The steel parts leveler changes the straightness by extruding the bar, etc. through the straightening roller. Generally, there are two rows of straightening rollers, and the number varies.

There are also two-roll steel parts levelers, which rely on the angle change of the two rolls to straighten materials of different diameters. The main types are pressure steel parts leveler, balance rolling steel parts leveler, shoe rolling steel parts leveler, rotating anti-bending steel parts leveler and so on.

The position of the roller is at a certain angle with the direction of movement of the straightened product. Two or three large ones are active pressure rollers, which are driven by the motor to rotate in the same direction. Several small rollers on the other side are driven pressure rollers. It is rotated by the friction of the rotating rod or pipe.

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