Introduction to the precautions for the use of steel parts leveler

Before starting the machine, check whether the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic station of the steel parts leveler, the gear oil of the reduction box and the transmission box are full. Before starting the main motor, check and adjust the angle of rotation and adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system. Lubricating oil is injected into each lubricating point, and the operation of the mechanical transmission part is checked to make it flexible for transportation.

Operators should wear labor protection equipment, and must not leave their posts or join posts after starting the machine. After the oil temperature and oil pressure of the hydraulic station are stable, the upper straightening roller is lifted to the initial position. After receiving the material manually, the steel pipe is sent to the third pair of straightening rollers, and then the upper straightening roller is pressed down and clamped. When the main motor is started, the steel pipe rotates forward and is straightened at the same time.

The motor stops, the straightening roller stops straightening, the upper straightening roller is lifted, and the straightened steel pipe is sent out. If you need to reverse and straighten, you can use the reverse knob on the operating table to reverse the main unit for reverse straightening. The main motor stops, the straightening roller stops straightening, the steel pipe is returned to the starting position, and the next straightening program command is to be repeated. After shutdown, turn off the main power supply and do not change the program controller at will.

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