Introduction to the maintenance method of the steel plate leveling machine

The use of the steel plate leveling machine can achieve the leveling effect of the coil. This is also the origin of the name of the leveler. This explanation knows whether it is easier for everyone to understand the meaning of the leveler. The industry that needs sheet metal processing still has a relatively large demand for levelers. The precision leveler is a new type of leveler. The knowledge of its daily maintenance will be introduced in this article. , Let's take a look together next.

1. During maintenance, the mechanical parts of the steel plate leveling machine, exposed parts of the machine and the transmission parts that are more prone to rust should be added with butter or anti-rust oil to prevent the machine from rusting. Lubricating butter should be added once on the 15th.

2. The second thing is to clean the leveling drum. Some workshops may be dusty or the raw materials are not clean, resulting in the leveling drum being dirty, contaminating or scratching the material when leveling the material, causing the product to be unqualified.

3. In the daily maintenance and maintenance of the steel plate leveling machine, you need to pay attention to your own protection during the operation. Because there are some dangers in the cleaning process, professional operators are required to complete the operation and perform the cleaning and maintenance operations in accordance with the regulations.

The daily maintenance knowledge of the steel plate leveling machine is briefly introduced here, mainly to let everyone understand that its maintenance is very important, and the maintenance methods also need everyone to learn. If you want to understand this kind of knowledge in detail, I suggest that you can initiate a consultation with us.

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