Do you know the working principle of the steel plate leveler

The steel plate leveler is mainly used to straighten the plate, but how does it do the straightening, do you know? Because what you see is generally the finished product after straightening, you may not pay so much attention to the process. , Or there are many people who don’t know much about it. If you are interested, please read it down with the editor. Below we will introduce how to straighten the steel plate leveler.

The position of the rollers is at a certain angle with the direction of movement of the product to be straightened. The two or three large ones are the active pressure rollers, which are driven by the motor to rotate in the same direction. The other small rollers are driven pressure rollers. It is rotated by the friction of a rotating rod or tube. In order to achieve the required compression of the product by the rollers, these small rollers can be adjusted forward or backward at the same time or respectively. Generally, the more the number of rollers, the higher the accuracy of the product after straightening. After the product is bitten by the roller, it continuously moves in a straight line or rotates, so that the product undergoes various deformations such as compression, bending, and flattening, and finally achieves the purpose of straightening.

What we introduced in the straightening process is very detailed. I believe everyone knows it. In fact, the principle is very simple, but it plays a very big role. We provide steel plate leveler products. If you are interested in steel plate leveler, please contact us for more information.

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