Maintenance precautions for steel plate leveling machine

Maintenance is very important for steel plate levelers. Doing maintenance work can not only greatly improve the work efficiency, but also prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the operating cost of the equipment. So do you know how to maintain and maintain the plate leveling machine?

After the steel plate leveling machine is used, it is necessary to "complete the work, run out of materials, and clear the site", and do a good job in the maintenance of the plate leveling machine equipment, and turn off the power in time. In the process of use, it is necessary to stop the operation according to the processing procedures and fabrication methods of the plate leveling machine. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether someone is too close to the machine. If abnormal phenomena such as irregular noise and impact are found, the machine should be stopped immediately to check.

The sleeve roller chain of the steel plate leveling machine is composed of an outer chain plate, an inner chain plate, a pin shaft and a roller. The inner chain plate and the outer chain plate, the sleeve and the pin shaft are respectively tightened by interference fit. ;There is a gap between the sleeve and the pin, which can be rolled relatively to comply with the flexion and extension of the chain when it enters and exits the sprocket. Since the wear of the chain mainly occurs between the pin and the sleeve, there should be a space between the inner and outer chain plates. A small amount of space to allow the lubricating sleeve to penetrate between.

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