Stamping sheet part roller leveler|The use and principle of automatic straightening machine

The automatic straightening machine is mainly used to straighten and break the steel bars below 14mm in diameter. The length of the break can be customized according to customer requirements. Adjustable disconnection of stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, cold drawn wire, plastic-coated stainless steel wire, etc., with uniform wounds, small difference, and good characteristics.
The motor of the full-automatic straightening machine makes the straightening cylinder run at high speed according to the increasing speed of the synchronous belt transmission. The steel bar that crosses the straightening cylinder is straightened, and the rust on the surface of the steel bar is removed by the straightening die; the motor reduces the speed according to the other pair. Synchronous belt transmission and transmission gear reducer. On the one hand, it drives 2 transmission rollers to pull the belt steel bars forward to exercise. On the other hand, it pushes the gear wheel to make the drill move left and right. When the steel bar is adjusted to the predetermined length, the drill bit hits the tool table to break the steel bar. When the broken steel bar falls into the receiving frame, the tool table returns to the original point due to the spring effect, and a circulation system is performed.
The straightening organization of the automatic straightening machine is composed of straightening rollers, straightening steel cuts, and bearing on both sides, and straightening the cables. The driving force is a motor installed under the sound card rack, which drives the straightening shaft to run at high speed according to the V-belt. A part of the pressure wheel of the feed organization is composed of two pressure wheels running in the same step. According to the V-belt chain drive, a pair of transmission gear pairs are pushed, and a pair of pressure wheels with coaxial output runs with the same step. During work, the cemented carbide mold moves forward under the effect of sliding friction according to the wire groove in the inner hole of the pressure wheel. Adjusting the pressure wheel spring can change the speed of the cable knife.

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