China 4-high roller leveling machine|Introduction to the working principle and working method of the metal coil uncoiling and leveling machine

The uncoiling and leveling machine is a kind of automatic equipment around the punching press, and it is also a special equipment for metal sheet leveling. It is mainly used for leveling line steel plates, uneven plates, and metal coils. The uncoiling, leveling, and shearing production lines can be formed according to related configurations. And other sheet product production lines. Suitable for industries such as machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, and decorations. The editor of Youyi takes everyone to understand the working principle and working method of the unwinding and leveling machine.

1. Working principle of unwinding and leveling machine:
It is usually composed of power, host and electrical control. Using the multi-roller working principle, the metal coil is repeatedly deformed between the upper and lower leveling rollers to eliminate stress and achieve the purpose of leveling. The leveling and shearing are achieved through the control system. , Stacking materials, etc. are connected into a complete performance production line to level, cut, and stack metal coils. In order to put into the next process.
2. Working mode of unwinding and leveling machine:
The working mode of the uncoiling leveler: The upper roller of the leveling machine pressurizes the pressure roller through the supporting roller at the center of the two lower rollers, and the torsion transmission rod of the main reducer drives the upper and lower rollers to rotate to provide torque for the rolled plate. The flat plastic metal plate of the plate rolling machine passes between the work rolls of the plate rolling machine. With the help of the pressing of the upper roller and the rotation of the lower roller, the metal plate is continuously bent through multiple passes, resulting in permanent plastic deformation. Achieve the level of the material itself.
The above is an introduction to the working principle and working method of the unwinding and leveling machine organized by Youyi editor. Through the introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the unwinding and leveling feeder. In the era of pursuit of speed and quality, the unwinding and leveling machine It is a good helper for the stamping industry to promote the development of production.

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