What is a precision leveling machine?

What is a precision leveling machine?
 Precision leveling machine,  It belongs to a kind of leveling machine, which is different from ordinary leveling machine. Its precision is higher. The flatness is higher.
Function of precision leveling machine: The precision leveling machine squeezes the uneven metal plate through the upper and lower rolls to squeeze a certain thickness of strip or plate to achieve the effect of leveling. It is called a precision leveling machine.
The classification of leveling machines are: precision leveling machine (open type), precision material leveling machine, simple precision leveling machine, precision (thin plate) material leveling machine, etc., depending on the material and leveling requirements. To choose a suitable precision leveling machine.
Precision leveler performance
1.Suitable for various thin plate materials with high leveling accuracy.
2. This machine is a powerful new equipment, used for high-level punch work, which can improve the quality and quantity of punch products.
3. The coil material has not been leveled to eliminate internal stress, and it is impossible to produce good punching parts. It can only be achieved by leveling the coil material and eliminating internal stress.
4. After the machine is leveled, the material can be corrected to bend downward or flat.
5. The transmission device and the frequency converter (circulation control) can be synchronized with the punching machine, and the feed can be balanced.
6. During the GJ two-stage leveling process (head end-tail end), leveling adjustments are not required in the middle, which can ensure the same flatness, and can feed materials in both forward and reverse directions.
7. The drum is independently adjusted at 8 points (using Japan's Mitutoyo dial indicator), and the drum reinforcement device is attached to the material width of 300mm or more.
8. The frequency converter is adjusted and runs smoothly. Special models can be produced according to customer requirements.

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