Precautions for the use of steel plate leveling machine

1. The use of equipment

(1) Voucher operation

Before independent use, the operator must receive technical basic theory education and practical operation skills training. After passing the assessment, an operation certificate will be issued before the machine can operate independently. The operation certificate shall be uniformly issued by the equipment management department, and the operation certificate shall indicate the type of equipment that can be operated.

(2) Fixed person and machine

In order to strictly implement the job responsibilities of the operators, ensure the correct use of equipment and implement daily maintenance work, a system of fixed personnel and fixed machines should be implemented. The equipment position responsibility system shall stipulate the basic responsibilities and basic powers of the operating workers, and shall know the basic requirements and reward methods that should be met.

(3) Shift system

Important equipment that operates continuously in multiple shifts should implement a shift system. The transferee must record the problems found in the operation of the equipment in the transfer record book in detail, and take the initiative to introduce the equipment operation to the transferee. Both parties shall check face to face and sign the record book after the transfer is completed. If the successor finds abnormalities in the equipment, unclear records, unknown conditions, and failure to maintain the equipment in accordance with regulations, the successor can be refused. If there is a problem with the equipment after taking over due to unclear handover, the successor will be responsible.

(4) Formulate equipment operation and maintenance procedures

For fine, large and rare equipment, major equipment and equipment involving safety, equipment operation and maintenance procedures should be formulated.

(5) "Four requirements" in the use of equipment

1 Neatly: the tools, workpieces and accessories are arranged neatly, the safety protection device is complete, and the line and pipeline are complete;

2 Cleaning: The inside and outside of the equipment are clean, without yellow gowns, all sliding surfaces, screw rods, racks and gears are free of grease, bruises, and no water or oil leaks at all parts.

3 Lubrication: add oil and change oil on time, the oil quality meets the requirements, the oil can, the oil gun and the oil cup are complete, the oil felt and the oil line are clean, the oil mark is bright, and the oil path is unobstructed.

4 Safety: Implement the system of arranging people and machines and shifting shifts, abide by the operating procedures, use rationally, monitor abnormalities, and avoid accidents.

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