What's 4-high roller leveller and 6 high roller leveller

Four-high roller leveling machine adopts adding supporting bearings (rollers) at both upper and lower leveling rolls set, forming upper double layer roller set+ lower double layer roller set total four-layer structure. It’s the same to six-high roller leveling machine: upper three layer roller set+ lower three layer roller set total six-layer structure. The principle of leveling process: metal sheet was repeatedly twisted to make metal fiber gradually consistent, eliminate internal stress, restore and improve the flatness of work-pieces , get ready for the subsequent process such as bending, welding and other processing procedures.

Advantages of such roller leveler are pressure keeping balance on leveling rollers, good structural rigidity, small flexural deflection on working rollers, high leveling accuracy, and harmonic attenuation reduce. Then it can well solve problems such as can’t achieve good leveling performance, causing roll press dents, workpiece collapse, and sickle bending etc. So it has good performance on leveling accuracy, suitable for different material and wide use area, won’t cause press dents on material surface.

This series of levelers can save raw material and labor costs, reduce scrap rate and rework rate. It is suitable for metal products such as circle saw blades, clutch parts, lock panels, knives, automobile and motorcycle metal accessories, stamping parts, and electrical metal parts etc.

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