what's the advantage of JIUZH leveling machine

Advantages of “JIUZH ROLLER LEVELER” leveler machines:

  1. All leveling rollers adopt high quality bearing steel, finished quenching and tempering, precious machining, hard chrome plating, grinding etc. Surface hardness comes 58±2°(chrome layer thickness ≥0.05mm)
  2. All backup roller(support roller) adopt Japan export roller bearings. There are 2 columns or more columns backup rollers uniformly distributed upper and lower leveling roller sets, making leveling rollers bears pressure in balance.
  3. All gears adopt material of 20CrMnTi, finished forging, tempering, surface carburization, precious grinding etc. coming to grade IT6.
  4. Main bearings are Shielded and sealed NSK bearing made in JAPAN, it can well reserve itself stocked lubrication oil and prevent dust enters, so it doesn’t need to add lubrication oil on bearings, enhancing they are durable of all bears, rollers, gears etc.
  5. Leveling machine base was welded platform, then finish high temperature tempering, next to do platform surface precious machining, at last it can installed the leveling head parts, transmission parts etc.
  6. There are two kind of leveling roller gap adjustment method. One is adjusted by manual. The operator can crank the two hand wheels to adjust leveler’s straightening performance in the guidance of digital display. The other one is electrically automatic adjustment. Operator just need to set data in HMI then upper leveling parts can rise or come down automatically, as upper leveling parts was driven by AC motor+ speed reducer or servo motor via worm gear transmission box.
  7. Main power transmission method: AC motor+ speed reducer+ universal joints, so machine runs smoothly.


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