Why it has to do leveling process and how to choose a metal plate leveling machine

Work-piece will get out of shape at stamping process, especially at piercing hole edge, trimming area, forming area etc. as the equilibrium of tension and compression was broken at these areas. In laser cut process, work-pieces get out of shape because of high temperature process cause breaking inner stress. So it will surely influence the following process of bending, welding etc. process if don’t do work-piece leveling process, causing big error range of metal parts.

How to choose a suitable leveling machine

Usually, a leveler machine with large rolls can handle thick stock but can have a hard time rolling thinner stock, simply because the roll diameters aren’t small enough to work (bend) the material effectively. As the material gets thinner, the rollers need to be smaller and smaller. Extremely thin stock may require alternative leveling methods, like tension leveling.
So it’s better to provide the seller of your material type, yield strength, tensile strength, material width range, thickness range, workpiece picture, requirements of leveling precision etc. Then the seller can recommend you suitable model.

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